4 Big Dating Turn-Offs and What You Can Do About Them

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Dating is hard- any single person can tell you that. It can be a challenge, to sort through the hundreds of people you meet in life to find the special someone with whom you want to spend the rest of your life. Unfortunately, on top of personality mismatches, there are also many personality and appearance quirks that can make dating frustrating. Before you go on your next date, make sure you aren’t offering any of these bad dating habits.

If you have any of these problems, there is still hope. Below is an outline of common dating turn-offs and how you can avoid them in your own life:


Dirty Hair and Nails

Poor hygiene will turn off a date almost faster than anything else. If you have greasy hair, dirty nails, or smell like body odor, then there is no way your date will want to go out again. Of course, the solution to this is simple. Shower before every date, slather on the deodorant, and scrub your hands with a nail brush. Spray on a light amount of perfume or cologne for added benefit (But not too much. Overpowering cologne is another turn off).


Wrinkled or Dirty Clothes

If you look unkempt, your date will not consider you worthy of taking out again. The best way to solve this solution is to ensure you wear your best on the date. Even if the date is to a baseball game where the attire calls for a t-shirt and jeans, you should still choose clothing that makes you look smart. Iron your shirt, if necessary, and make sure you have clean clothes to wear.


Bad Breath

Bad breath is a terrible problem on a date. No one wants to chat or kiss someone who’s breath smells like a camel. If you suffer from chronic bad breath, there is a solution. Visit a Houston dentist to identify the problem and search for the solution. If you have an overgrowth of bacteria in your mouth or sinus issues, your dentist will be able to help come up with a solution that will make dating much easier. If all else fails, at least bring a mint with you on dates.



Excessive fidgeting makes people nervous. If you are a nervous fidgeter, try to calm yourself before the date. Moving your hands constantly; touching your hair, ears or face; cracking your knuckles, juggling your foot; clicking a pen; and other fidgety habits can really turn off a date. If you aren’t driving, drinking a calming glass of wine before the date can help curb some of your nerves and make you act less fidgety. You can also practice sitting still without fidgeting to prepare for the event.


If you suffer from any of the above problems, it is easy to find a solution. All you have to do is make some careful plans in advance. Preparing yourself for your date is placing your best foot forward. You will feel better about yourself, raise your self-confidence, and increase your chances of finding a real connection.


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